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OSL (Oilgear, Superior Fabricators & Lantec) Offshore Systems & Deck Machinery, USA

Oilgear Company is a global builder of hydraulic drives and electronic control systems for diversified industries sharing a common need for the highest level of machine performance, reliability, economy and product support possible.


Oilgear maintains close relationships with various regulating agencies and certifying organizations including ABS/CSA/DNV/LLOYDS/NACE/UL. Certification to these and other standards is available on Oilgear Systems.


HIGH PERFORMANCE, HIGH RELIABILITY PUMPS: Every Oilgear pump embodies the collective know-how gained from their 75 year history of building pumps. Our pumps offer unparalleled levels of performance, reliability and long life service.

HIGH PERFORMANCE VALVES AND INTEGRATED MANIFOLDS: Oilgear manufactures a full complement of spool, cartridge and specialty servo valves for demanding flow control applications. These valves can be combined into compact, low maintenance custom integrated manifold assemblies for high volume, high pressure operation with minimal pressure drops.

ELECTRONIC CONTROLS: We understand electronic process controls and can design a package to fully automate your drill floor or other related operations. As an official Allen-Bradley designated System Integrator we are in the position to provide the highest level of PLC sophistication available in the world and offer numerous levels of process control for integration into new and existing installations.

These are only few of the products of Oilgear. For more details please visit their website @


Exculusive agent for a well established company in the chemical industry with more than 40 years of knowledge and experience, and is part of the MinChem Group. ACCS Ltd. supplies to a wide variety of industries ranging from heavy chemical and petrochemical to nuclear processing, mining and food preparation. Also specializing in high quality corrosion, thermal and abrasion-resistant materials and helps customers across the world who are involved in the processing and storage of acidic and alkaline (basic) materials.