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OSL (Oilgear, Superior Fabricators & Lantec) Offshore Systems & Deck Machinery, USA

Oilgear Company is a global builder of hydraulic drives and electronic control systems for diversified industries sharing a common need for the highest level of machine performance, reliability, economy and product support possible.


Oilgear maintains close relationships with various regulating agencies and certifying organizations including ABS/CSA/DNV/LLOYDS/NACE/UL. Certification to these and other standards is available on Oilgear Systems.


HIGH PERFORMANCE, HIGH RELIABILITY PUMPS: Every Oilgear pump embodies the collective know-how gained from their 75 year history of building pumps. Our pumps offer unparalleled levels of performance, reliability and long life service.

HIGH PERFORMANCE VALVES AND INTEGRATED MANIFOLDS: Oilgear manufactures a full complement of spool, cartridge and specialty servo valves for demanding flow control applications. These valves can be combined into compact, low maintenance custom integrated manifold assemblies for high volume, high pressure operation with minimal pressure drops.

ELECTRONIC CONTROLS: We understand electronic process controls and can design a package to fully automate your drill floor or other related operations. As an official Allen-Bradley designated System Integrator we are in the position to provide the highest level of PLC sophistication available in the world and offer numerous levels of process control for integration into new and existing installations.

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PVD Drilling - Vietnam

We have associated with PV Drilling, Vietnam, a professional provider of Drilling Rigs and drilling-related services as well as manpower supply for onshore and offshore drilling operation. Over the last decade, PV Drilling has developed significantly and become one of the leading subsidiaries of Vietnam’s Oil & Gas Group and a prestigious drilling contractor in the local and regional market. PV Drilling is going to expand its operation to further deepwater areas and overseas market to contribute more to exploration and production of oil and gas resources for Vietnam and the World.

The primary ingredient that made up the success of PV Drilling is the dedicated and outstanding human resources who incessantly pursue knowledge and perfection in mastering the technology, developing the services and creating added values for clients. Therefore, PV Drilling always concentrates on building and developing a human resource with great competence and consider it as top priority in the corporate strategy of development. To serve such purpose, PV Drilling applies a suitable recruitment policy, a systematic career development plan as well as a competitive compensation and benefits scheme for attracting and maintaining talents. At PV Drilling, we consider human factor as the ultimate component for sustainability and breakthrough and this is a one of core values of PV Drilling.

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Vina Offshore Engineering Company Limited - Vietnam

We have associated with M/s Vina Offshore – Vietnam, established in 1995 providing major Steel Structure & Fabrication and a service provider to the Marine Oil and Gas industry. The company today employs multi disciplined work force.

Vina Offshore specializes in Turnkey HVAC & R design, fabrication, and installation for the Marine / Offshore, Oil and Gas industries for a variety of application like FPSO/FSO conversions, Drill barges, Drill ships, Inland barges, Jack up Rig, Offshore platforms, Semi-sub and Submersible Rigs, Electrical House, Topside module and all kinds of oceangoing vessels.

Furthermore, Vina Offshore offers HCVA & R Repair, Overhaul & Upgrading Services which typically some or all of the following:

  • Complete System Installation
  • Performance review of existing system and recommend / implement corrective measures
  • Overhaul of air conditioning and reefer compressors
  • Fabrication and installation of ducting
  • Duct and Air conditioning of ducting
  • Duct and Air conditioning of insulation works
  • Repair renewal and refit of cabin boxes /diffuser
  • Indoor air quality measurement
  • Air Balancing
  • Robotic Duct Cleaning
  • Mechanical Ventilation Fan installation
  • Fire dampers repair /renewal and maintenance
  • Repair/renewal and maintenance of Air Handling Units, Chillers, Condensing units
  • Repair/renewal and maintenance of provision refrigeration system.

Vina Offshore can design and build to meet project specific requirements or alternatively supply proprietary equipment from all of the major HVAC & R equipment manufacturers.

Vina Offshore is carrying out a number of strategic changes that call upon the experience of the past year and a strong vision for the future. They provide services and after-sales support to the highest safety and quality that our clients have come to expect from Vina Offshore.

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Quepos Coasters Used Heavy Equipment Trading LLC

We are authorized agent for Quepos Coasters Used Heavy Equipment Trading LLC, a well known company in the field of Oil & Gas Industry specializing in Third Party Jacking Gear Inspection Services required by ABS MODU Rules 7-2-5/13.15. Quepos Coasters Used Heavy Equipment Trading LLC is capable for the following services:

  • Jacking System Inspection and report.
  • Report & Maintenance of Spares related to Jacking Systems.
  • Trading related to Jacking System Components.
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