Project Support & Services Division

The Company undertakes major modification, upgrading & maintenance of offshore / onshore drilling rigs including major equipment & machineries on turnkey basis in association with our Principals in U.S.A. We also executes regular maintenance and major shutdown jobs on drilling rigs, which includes Hull Steel renewals, Piping modifications, Sandblasting & Painting, Thermal Insulation, Ceramic / Vinyl Tiling, False Ceiling, Ducting, Instrumentation inspection / repairs, etc. AOS is always equipped to supply large number of class welders, fabricators and welding machines anywhere in U A E.

Marine Division

We have currently diversified and extend the following services through our Marine Division:

  • Marine Surveying and Consultancy
  • Cargo Surveys (General & Containerized)
  • All other Surveys including but not limited to Draft, P&I Club, Vessel Condition, Pre-Risk / Entry, Off-On Hire and Bunker Surveys
  • Charter of Vessels and Barges

AOS Trade Division

AOS trade division provides with procurement of specialized equipment, materials and spares relevant to Oil & Gas as well as Marine sectors. AOS has tie up with major American and European companies like Oilgear, OSL who are specialized in their own fields in the offshore / onshore drilling technology.

Commercial Agencies


Our Main Divisions